PVQAT - Internaltional PV Quality Assurance Task Force

System Verification and Power Electronics Testing: Task Group 11

The International Photovoltaic Quality Assurance Task Force's system verification work aims to develop a comprehensive system for certification of PV systems, verifying appropriate design, installation, and operation methods.

To support the IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Renewable Energy Applications (IECRE) efforts, PVQAT formed an eleventh task group to address the holes that exist. Although much of IECRE's work is expected to be done directly by IECRE and to use technical documents developed by IEC Technical Committee 82’s working groups 2, 3, and 6, the formation of this Task Group provides a mechanism for communication between the separate efforts.

This task group has also begun discussion of power electronics.

Current Progress

The IECRE is developing the capability to issue certificates after each stage of development of a PV system including verification of the design and quality management of the components as well as the appropriateness of the design, installation, operations, and maintenance.

IECRE has now published the first sets of Operational Documents and is accepting applications for Certifying Bodies using the application form in OD-406. The Conditional PV project certificate and Annual PV plant performance certificate are both based on technical standards developed by IEC TC82, working group 3.

In 2016, we started a subgroup of Task Group 11 on power electronics.

Task Leaders

Masaaki Yamamichi — AIST, representing Japan
Yingnan Chen — China General Certification Center, representing China
Peter Hacke — NREL, coordinating the subgroup on power electronics

Other leaders are welcome.

Complementary efforts are underway to support module durability, and manufacturing consistency.