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Soiling and Dust: Task Group 12

Task Group 12 is focused on understanding, quantifying, and mitigating losses of electricity generation from PV systems caused by soiling.

The Soiling and Dust task group was formed in the fall of 2014.

Progress Update

Task Group 12 shares information regarding a variety of topics relevant to soiling (e.g., coating technologies for PV; economics of soiling loss & cleaning; soiling monitoring, aerosol, and particulate matter (PM) assessment networks; soiling in challenging locations (presentation & panel discussion); typical field conditions: wind velocity, momentum/energy of dust storms; health & human safety & dust storms; standards needed for the industry; modeling the effect of soiling on systems; artificial soiling methods for repeatable laboratory tests) through monthly webinars. The purpose of the webinars is to exchange relevant information, facilitate networking, and aid research, development and standards development related to soiling in PV modules and systems. Contact Russ JONES to receive the communications related to the TG12 webinars. Contact Lin SIMPSON for more general questions about the group.

Task Group 12-1 is focused on issues related to sensors and the monitoring of soiling. The group contributed to the IEC 61724-1, which defines and specifies methods for quantifying the effect of soiling on PV systems. Contact YuePeng DENG to receive the communications related to the TG12-1 effort.

Task Group 12-2 is focused on solutions for the cleaning of soiling and accumulated contamination. Specific topics include developing the scientific basis for qualifying different cleaning methods (e.g., cleaning solutions, hand cleaning, and robotic cleaning), and identification of the issues that need to be included in the techno-economic analysis required for cost effective cleaning. Contact Lin SIMPSON to receive the communications related to the TG12-2 effort./p>

Task Group 12-3 is focused on antireflective and/or anti-soiling coatings. The group has recently focused on PV-first-surface (e.g., glass) abrasion that may result from the natural environment or the cleaning and removal of contamination. The group aims to generate a PV industry-specific standard related to abrasion. Contact David MILLER to receive the communications related to the TG12-3 effort.

Task Group 12-4 is focused on the modeling and analysis of the effects of soiling on PV systems. For example, the group is developing methods to determine soiling loss from the power production data from PV installations. Additionally, the group hopes to identify models that predict typical soiling losses at sites locations throughout the world. Contact Leonardo MICHELI to receive the communications related to the TG12-4 effort.

Task Leaders

YuePeng DENG, First Solar

TG12 Webinars

Greg SMESTAD, Sol Ideas
To sign up for the communications related to the TG12 soiling webinars contact: Russ JONES.

Other leaders and initiatives are welcome.