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PV Cells: Task Group 13

Task Group 13 investigates challenges related to characterization of the performance and durability of photovoltaic (PV) cells, silicon, and cell auxiliary material.

Progress Update

The following new International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards were written and published with input from task group members:

IEC 63202-:2019
PV cells - Part 1: Measurement of light-induced degradation of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells.
IEC TS 63202-2:2021 PV cells - Part 2: Electroluminescence image for crystalline silicon solar cells.

Task Group 13 is also discussing seven potential proposals:

  • PV crystalline wafers – Part 2: Recommended geometric dimensions of wafers
  • Requirements of current-voltage characteristics measurement for solar cell with capacity
  • Simultaneous illumination measurement method for bifacial solar cells: measuring and sorting
  • Measurement of light-elevated temperature-induced degradation of crystalline silicon solar cells
  • Silver paste standard for crystalline silicon solar cells
  • Qualification of sorted crystalline silicon solar cells for PV modules fabrication
  • PV Crystalline Wafers - Part 3 specifications for electrical characteristics of wafers.

Task Leaders

Jin Hao, Jinko Solar
Sunit Tyagi, InSolare Energy

Task Group 3 solicits other leaders, especially to facilitate communication with experts around the world.