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Cells: Task Group 13

Task Group 13 has the objective to investigate challenges related to characterization of the performance and durability of PV cells, silicon and cell auxiliary material.

New standards that are being updated or written in the near future include:

  1. Update of IEC 60904-11: Measurement of initial light-induced degradation of crystalline silicon solar cells. Jinko is leading a discussion to define what will be useful in this update.

  2. New test method for solar cell electrochemical capacitance-voltage measurement of P-N junction depth. Yingli is leading this discussion.

  3. New test method for crystalline silicon bifacial cells. Dr. Zhengxin Liu from the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem & Information Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences is leading this discussion.

Progress Update

Task Group 13 is soliciting volunteers.

Task Leaders

Jin Hao, Jinko Solar
Sunit Tyagi, InSolare Energy

Other leaders are solicited, especially to facilitate communication with experts around the world.