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Wind Load: Task Group 7

Task Group 7 focuses on potential international standards that provide a test method for evaluating the effects of non-uniform wind loads on photovoltaic (PV) modules and their mounting structures. The purpose is to develop a wind-load test method to evaluate safety issues for modules and fixed parts caused by wind and installation conditions.

The wind-load test may be utilized to evaluate whether  components within the module, including solar cells, interconnect ribbons and/or electrical bonds, are susceptible to breakage or if fixed parts (e.g., brackets, clamps, screws, fixed holes) are likely to fail due to the nonuniform mechanical stresses encountered during strong wind load.

This test shall be written as a stand-alone document, but it is likely to be used  with other test standards where application of multiple stresses may cause degradation not observed with a single stress. For example, it may be combined with the International Electrochemical Commission’s (IEC’s)  static mechanical load tests (IEC 61215-2:2016) and dynamic mechanical load tests (IEC TS 62782:2016).

This standard may specify test levels referring to mean surface pressure pattern required for nonuniform wind load testing, and shall consider the environmental conditions such as those shown below in Figure 1, including wind velocity (Vmax = 61.2 m/s), wind directional angle (β = 0°, 180°), and module tilt (α = 10°, 20°, 30°, 40°). Furthermore, this standard may specify the requirements of a nonuniform dynamic mechanical load system. For more information, see Environmental Factors for Non-uniform Dynamic Mechanical Load Test due to Wind Actions on Photovoltaic Modules.

This group originally focused on nonuniform wind loading on PV module, and IEC Technical Committee 82 WG2 is discussing the Northern Wind Innovation Programme’s proposal for such wind loading (see Figure 2 below).

Figure 1 Figure 2

Progress Update

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Environmental Factors for Non-uniform Dynamic Mechanical Load Test due to Wind Actions on Photovoltaic Modules
Authors: Hsu, S.-T., Lin, W.-Y., & Wu, S.-J.
Journal: Energy Procedia,

Task Leader

Shu-Tsung Hsu (Anderson) – Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan