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Thin-Film Photovoltaics: Task Group 8

Task Group 8 is focused on durability issues specific to thin-film PV modules.

Thin-film PV modules exhibit some of the same failure modes that are being studied by Task Groups 1–7, but other failure mechanisms are specific to thin-film modules.

Progress Update

At the kick-off meeting thin-film experts were assigned to Groups 2, 3 and 7. Subcommittees for thin films were established for the following:
Semiconductor junction degradation
Micro-delaminations of device layers
Shading effects in thin films
Monolithic Integration
Flexible packages.

In general, Task Group 8 has agreed that the tests that are being developed for silicon modules can be applied to thin-film modules; representatives of the thin-film technologies were identified to join the discussions of the task groups discussing the silicon-module tests in order to ensure that these will be relevant to thin-film products as well. Therefore, a separate test sequence is not being discussed, but discussions are ongoing to better understand failure modes that are unique to the thin-film modules.

Task Leaders

Michael Kempe
Masayoshi Takani — Solar Frontier, representing Japan

Other leaders are welcome.