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1st International PV Module Quality Assurance Forum

July 15–16, 2011


  • Welcome, Yasuhiro Sakuma (METI)
  • Welcome, Kevin Lynn (DOE)
  • Introduction to International PV Module QA Forum: Michio Kondo (AIST)

Session I. Defining the Need — The Importance of Quality Assurance

Session chairs: Michio Kondo (AIST), Sarah Kurtz (NREL)

Session II. Existing Standards — What They Do and Don't Do

Session chairs: David Degraaff (SunPower), Masaaki Yamamichi (AIST)

Session III. Regional and Application-Specific Requirements

Session chairs: Tony Tang (Suntech), Danny Cunningham (BPSolar)

Session IV. Proposed New Tests

Session chairs: Yoichi Murakami (JET), Michael Koehl (Fraunhofer, ISE)

Session V. Proposals for Manufacturing QA Guideline and QA Rating Methodology

Session chairs: Tony Sample (EC JRC), Govindasamy Tamizhmani (TUV)

Session VI. Prioritization of Failure/Degradation Mechanisms

Session chairs: Dan Doble (Fraunhofer CSE), Gerhard Kleiss (SolarWorld)